banglagym sporting event 2018

We’ll have our next “Banglagym sporting event”  in 2018 starting on the 15th of September and continuing for several weeks – same as it’s always been. Read More…..

important new announcement

We, here in Banglagym, not only help you exercise your body, we’ll try to do that with your minds too. We’ll have Straight Debate, Team Policy Debate, Impromptu and may be few other intellectual speech types of competition starting on Saturday, March 17th, 2018. Read More…..

Also we’re working on having a Science Exhibition towards end of May 2018. Read More…..

new rules

One can play as many games as he/she desires. All other rules and regulations will remain same as past events. However, rules, regulations and fees are subject to change at any time as per the decision of the management.


Everyone’s welcome, but sitting is limited. There’s no admission charge for audience.


All players must abide by BanglaGym Terms & Conditions

Got questions? Please explore our FAQ page. You also may send us your inquiry here.