Bangladeshi Sporting Events – Grand Finale

Dear Rizvi,

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and commend your effort in making an event (indeed a dream) possible in our community which no one did in the past and which I thought was never a doable proposition in our community. You put together a mega sports event for the adult and youth in our community that spanned over two months culminating in the Grand Finale last night (Oct 20). The games included Carrom, Card, Chess, Ludo, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Basket Ball, and were participated by a large number of people (may be close to a hundred people or may be more, I do not have an exact count). The creation of a mega roster of so many games with so many participants, and many a times overlapping participants, would by itself be a logistics nightmare even for a math guru in permutation and combination, not to mention unexpected no-shows, late-shows, sickness, family emergencies, or other unforeseen conflicts. Your uncompromising insistence on making available the top class equipment and facilities for all the games including Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and Basket Ball, without ever cutting any corners, is a dream for the participants. The discipline you have instilled among the players, umpires (and even the spectators) with the international game rules and practices is exemplary. The shows in between the games were simple, yet relaxing and entertaining, giving the opportunities to the players to unwind their muscle a little.

The series of events starting about two months ago and culminating in the Grand Finale yesterday was simply world class. I want to thank you and the people who worked tirelessly with you (Moushumi included) on my behalf and on behalf of our community. You were a role model for planning and organizing. I hope the (BanglaGym) fire you have ignited in our community comes back every year and lives forever within us like the Olympics, and enhances our community coherence (and physical fitness) like it did in the last two months.

I am blind copying this mail to a few additional people in our community beyond those in your original list (sorry for any unintentional duplication). I am enclosing one of your previous emails for others to get a feel for what really happened yesterday and who were the participants in the games (from the attachments in your mail). I do not have a list of children who entertained.

I know we did not have the “Olympic style” closing the way you had originally planned it due to reasons beyond your (our) control. But I am not disappointed at all. This gives us an opportunity to have even more fun for an added period of time!! Let’s find another weekend, finish the remaining event, do the awards, and do a real Olympic style closing.

Thank you, thank you,


Mosleh-Uddin Ahmed

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