Bangladeshi Sporting League – 2013

Hello everybody

ARE YOU  ALL READY? All games will start promptly at 11am. and go on till 3pm. If you need to practice you may show up early but net before 10am. Between 10 and 11 we’ll be busy setting up and you may utilize the time as long as you don’t get in our way.

The schedule for the games will be published soon. On the 2nd November, we’ll start with last years prize distribution. Prize distribution will start promptly at 10:30am. You know who you guys are so, please be there by 10:15am. We’ll do everything with military precision, and will not be delayed for any reason. Not only guests are welcome, they are encouraged to be there to see all these unfold in front of your eyes. THERE IS NO ENTRANCE FEE.

We’ll play thru-out November except thanksgiving Saturday (11/30/13) and first two Saturdays in December. Hopefully we’ll have our finals on one Saturday in December 2013. This will be an all day event (11am-11pm) and this time WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN AND YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR DUE RESPECT.

Please keep an eye more frequently on our website for more information. We’ll copy this message in the web too.

How Much, Where and how to pay and what’s the schedule? Please keep an eye on the web. It’ll be posted by Sunday night.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know. You could surprise yourself!


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