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When do the Games Start?

The game will be started on Saturday September 24, 2016. First Game will be Badminton – Singles, Starting at 11am sharp. All Games are numbered, and in general game 2 will follow game 1 and 3 will follow 2 etc. However, there may be exception to this rule due to various reasons.

Will all the games start at the same time?

No, Depending on the space availability and the pace of the games, different games may start at different times and may be played out‐of‐sequence as needed. All the participants for the first 3 competition for all the games for that day, however, must report promptly by the opening time of that day, in order to play out of sequence games, should the requirement for substitution become necessary.

Why don’t you have start time for each game, that way we can be at Location as needed?

Since this is our first time with such a tournament, we really don’t have any idea of how long a game would last or what kind of responses are expected of off spectators. Depending on such variables, it’s impossible to schedule games for a particular time. Although, as time progresses, it may be possible for us to assign time slot to Games, to fulfill such requirements. Besides, wouldn’t you like to be there from the beginning to cheer‐up your friends at play?

Can we bring in food or drink?

Absolutely no food or drink from outside allowed in the venue. Food and Drink will be available for purchase once inside.

Can we Videotape or take pictures of the games?

No, Absolutely no flash Photography allowed. You may take still‐picture without using any flash.

Is the Venue always going to be the same?

Not necessarily. Depending on the contract and availability of the Venue, or the type of Games scheduled to be played for a given day, it may be necessary to arrange Games at a different location. You will be notified ahead of time for such changes. Always read your email for the location of the next Game.

Why do we have to sign a release form?

Most of the games are inheritably aggressive and there’s always a chance of injury. We, therefore request that every player and official must sign a release form before the start of the games (One release form for all participating games). Those who are under 18 must have their parent’s signature in addition to their own.

What if I am late coming in for my game, or failed to show up due to unforeseen circumstances?

We’ll make every effort to accommodate you for circumstances beyond your control (Too much traffic on the road isn’t one of them), however, it’s not guaranteed. If you know you’re going to be late, please notify us ahead of time and give us enough time to rearrange Game sequences. A game will be forfeited and a winner declared if players do not show up within 15 minutes, once called and a start time is announced. However, for a team play, if enough players (according to the requirement) show up within 5 minutes of announced start time, the games may start 5 minutes past designated time and continue as handicap game. Rest of the players may join the game as they arrive provided they are in the team list. If players from both teams fail to show up on time, the start time may be pushed back if possible, or reschedule the game for a future time.

For a team game, i.e. Volleyball, what if we only have 5 players and other team has 6? Wouldn’t that put us in a disadvantage?

If a team has only 5 players listed or can afford only 5 players at a time, the opposing team must use 5 players to play. The 6th player may be used as an alternative. You must declare the strength of your team ahead of time when submitting and paying for registration. There are only 2 alternates allowed per game. Team roster may have as many players as wished, but no more than two could be exchanged at a given game.

What if I disagree, a “Call” made by the Referee and dispute it. The audience seems to agree with me. Will that “Call” be overturned?

No. A “Call” made by the Referee is final and only he or she can overturn the decision made, at their own will. However, if too many mistakes are made by a Referee a “Vote of no Confidence” may remove the Referee from future Games.

Do you have any suggestion that would help us play in the tournament proudly?

Code of conducts has to be within the realm of sportsmanship. That includes but not limited to name calling, showing aggravation, getting over excited to a point of disturbance, exuberating outburst to a point of annoyance, disrespectful to other players or officials etc. We’re not professional players. It’s a tournament among