Games, Rules, Fees & Registration

One can register as many games as he desires. Playing same game in singles and in doubles are considered as one. Rules, regulations and fees are subject to change at any time as per the decision of the management.

SlGames Fees 
1.Badminton$ 50.00
2.Table Tennis$ 50.00
3.Volley Ball$ 50.00
4.Basket Ball$ 50.00
5.Carrom$ 50.00
6.Chess$ 50.00
7.Card$ 50.00
8.Ludo$ 50.00
9.Soccer$ 50.00
10.Cricket$ 50.00


Everyone’s welcome, but sitting is limited. THERE’S NO ADMISSION CHARGE FOR AUDIENCE. Please control your children since the whole venue is not for our tournament only.


You must abide by BanglaGym Terms & Conditions  to participate any game.